The Orient Express Is Back In Style?!

Trains were the first mayor way of quick distant transportation. Back in the day, creating the railway all across America was a really big deal. It was very similar in Europe and in the rest of the world. Cars came later and although they were more flexible, it was when the planes became our reality that the trains seemingly exited the stage.

However, the new and upcoming adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on Orient Express, reminded me of them. I asked myself – is Orient Express still as special and mysterious as it ones was? (Minus the murder, of course).

So I started digging.

Turned out I’m not the only old soul out there. Modern day people still like riding trains for the same reason all around the world. They offer a unique way of traveling with a specific charm to it. There is something very old school about them, with the conductors and food carts, sharing wagons with all kind of different people (maybe a chance to meet a soulmate or a new friend?).

Riding trains offers a real life show of rich scenery that you can witness looking through those big, bright windows. Enough to steer your imagination, give you an idea or two. I mean, Agatha Christie traveled by train almost all around the world. And look what she did! This especially goes if you are planning the travel Europe. The best experience is by riding the train.

They are improving as well

Today’s train is not the same as it used to be a hundred years ago. The hallways and cabins are wide, there are fancy dining cars, bathrooms and, of course, sleeping compartments. And all of this travel luxury is actually cheaper than a first-class plane ticket. If you want to treat yourself, then choose the train.

Riding trains is more reliable, safer and a better option for the environment. Although it may seem contradictory, train travel can actually be quicker than a flight. Just think about it. All the time lost on the airport and all the check ins and outs, security searches… How much time does it really take us to travel by plane? Naturally, there are extremely long distances and some of them are only reachable by planes. But otherwise, trains can be a lot faster.

Not So Fun Fact: My close friend that owns a water repair company in Michigan used to install the plumbing for passenger trains and he told me that until recently, the trains would just drop the packages from the toilet straight onto the tracks!  These types of systems are still operating in a lot of the world. Can you believe that?!



train car

It’s cheaper

All in all, it’s a cheaper option. Researching, comparing the time of travel and your destination with smart planning can almost end up being a free vacation! (Trust me, it happened before). Plan ahead your dream train adventure and you will end up with the best memories ever!

P.S. Check the app stores, there are some very handy apps there involving bookings and organizing that will make your experience even better!

See you at Orient Express!