On The Road- Living Life

Traveling by itself is an amazing way to experience life at its fullest. And today we have crazy cool options to do it. Luxury, speed, comfort… It’s a good time to be alive.

However, it seems that less comfortable and safe ways of traveling are also becoming more and more attractive. They are the simplest ways to travel. Like in the olden days, you can stop by the road, backpack or cycle. Destination? The world?

It sounds almost impossible

My first thought is always connected to the basic of needs. Like, the toilet. Hygiene. Food. What do you do if you get sick? You are never certain where you’ll sleep and will you find a place to sleep. Sleeping under the starts sounds romantic, but are these the best of times for that?

There is an increasing number of crazy brave people that leave everything, sell everything and go on a spiritual journey of this sort. There is no specific goal, there is no a final destination. Just the road and you.

I’ll be honest, it scares the hell out of me. But it also got me interested and curious. What scares us, attract us.

It’s all about challenging yourself

And all you believe in and that you’ve been taught to. You conquer your fears; you get yourself in the place to question the world around you. Experiences like this one will surely change you as a person, as an individual. With great responsibility for self, comes great freedom. Being on your own, carrying everything you need with yourself allows you to be detached from anything that may limit you.

Naturally, you don’t need to do it alone. You can always venture in this great adventure with a person close to you. Or you can meet somebody along the way who will join you. No need to mention all the people that you will meet along the way. You’ll have a chance to get more personal with people from different backgrounds. More importantly, you will experience kindness from complete strangers who will prove that we don’t always do good expecting something in return.

Personal stories

There is so much more that make these ways of traveling a truly unique experience. You can easily find random blogs of people who already did it. Besides sharing their stories, they will also give you some good and practical advice.

I enjoyed reading all those amazing stories. Personally, I’m still not ready to go on such a pilgrimage of soul searching. But just knowing that it frightens me is a good enough sign that one day I might.