Com-batting Jet Lag One Trip At A Time

When planes became reality, the world changed forever. Even the farthest of destinations became just a little closer. It seems as a best traveling option, but it does come with a new age problem called jet lag.

We’ve all been there. Somebody may handle it better, but nobody really likes it. Here are a few tips on how to face it and – win.

The best approach is to prevent it

Take into consideration where you’re heading/traveling. Up to a week before your journey, you should start slowly changing your sleep and eating routines. The point here is to gently prepare your body for a new time zone. Just like at home when we have a plumber out for a drain cleaning to prevent backups we should also use the right tools to prevent jet lag.

Sleeping while on the plane may not be a good plan. Again, take into consideration the time of the day of the place where you’re going. If it’s daytime where you’re going, avoid sleeping on the plane. If it’s night, sleep on the plane. Also, if you happened to arrive at night, try a hot bath. The difference in body temperature once you get out of the tub/shower is going to help signal the body that it’s time for sleep.

Before and during the flight

Make sure that, following the schedule of course, you had a few nights of good sleep. Before the flight and during the flight avoid alcohol and coffee. If it’s night time and you do want to sleep on the plane, turn of all of the electric gadgets and don’t watch any movies. Just try to relax. Ear plugs may be a good option to bring with you, also a pillow, and eye mask.

During long flights make sure to stretch and move your body so that it will stay warm and get that circulation going. It may seem too simple, but keeping the blood flow at your normal rate will aid you in your battle against jet lag. And make sure to drink enough water – what’s normal amount to you.

plane flying over hawaii

Make sure to expose yourself to the natural sun light to avoid sleep deprivation and depression. Our bodies and eyes (eyes are important, don’t wear sunglasses during the day) register the sun and signal our brain that is time to be awake. As soon as the night comes, turn off all the gadgets, at least for the first night at the destination and avoid bright light, so that the brain will get the signal that it is time to sleep.

The trick with sunlight is a trick to follow even the next day (make yourself wake up with the rising of the sun). The point here is in the vitamin D that we get from the sun that will give you enough energy. Eat light food, nothing too hard for digestion and stay hydrated. This is the way to battle it if it does occur. Still avoid coffee – it won’t necessarily keep you awake, it will just make your heart pump blood faster.

Good luck! And fear not!