At your service

No matter how much we all like to travel, plan and daydream about our (dream) vacations, actually doing it can be rather challenging. Not all of us are organization gurus. And sometimes, the number of information that we must keep on our minds can be overwhelming.

Luckily, there were some really nice people who thought about human’s planning struggles. They came up with some helpful little programs that can boost our vacation organization. Don’t let your phones use you, but rather use them instead.

First Steps

Naturally, your first course of action would be to book your vacation. You’ve chosen your destination and now you need to book the date, way of transportation (at the best price, of course) and book a place to stay. So much booking!

Apps like Skyscanner and Kayak will help you browse through lists of most affordable hotels, rent-a-cars and flights. Hoper will aid you in your search for the cheapest plane ticket. Dealray is a newer app and it’s basically an airline ticket tracker. It will inform you of any significant offers and best prices in advance so that you can close the best deal.

If you’re still thinking about where to go, try Google Trips for some ideas. Or maybe read all the awesome reviews on TripAdvisor. When you finally decide, let Packpoint help you organize whatever else is left with the use of practical checklists. You don’t want to forget something!

Matter of Orientation

The last thing that anybody would want while traveling is to get lost. Besides Google Maps, there are some other helpers you can turn to. If you need to utilize the new city’s public transportation, try Citymapper. You just can’t go without Uber when you’re in a need of a car.

Sometimes, unpredictable things can happen while you’re away on a new adventure. There are apps such as Hotel Tonight or Dayuse that will allow you to book a room near you in the last minute. And at an affordable price, too.

Local Cuisine and Culture

One of the best ways to experience another city or country is through its cuisine. You would want only the best restaurants with the best menus. Almost everybody knows the charm of Yelp. You can also try Velocity or Grab – the app that lets you get familiar with the airport’s restaurant options if you feel a little hungry while waiting for your flight. For all you vegans out there, turn to HappyCow.

Some of the most famous cultural institutions have their own apps (such as Louvre). You can also give a chance to Google Arts and Culture App. Artsy and Museums of the World will connect you to a variety of international galleries.

And So Much More

Duolingo, Google Translate, Memrise are excellent language barrier breakers. Less fancy apps like XE Currency are extremely practical for handling your finances. So many choices are there! Find the combination that best suits you and make your life easier. Bon voyage!